Web Design Services Turn Your Ideas Into REALITY

Web Design Services Turn Your Ideas Into REALITY.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for years, a website is essential for almost all industries in the modern world. A lot of businesses today offer tools that claim to make building a website fast, simple and something that anyone can do, and to an extent this is true. So why consider turning to a professional for your web design needs? Keep reading and we’ll let you know all the things that these companies don’t tell you, and how hiring a professional can outshine the competition and lead to more long-term success.

What Makes A Great Website.

A great website, designed by a pro, is one that is super fast, search engine friendly, user-friendly, mobile responsive, and all of this before even taking into account the look, feel, and visual aesthetic. Let’s take a deep dive and look at how choosing a web service professional helps you excel over the competition in all these areas!

Lightning-Fast Loading Speeds.

No one in today’s world has the time to wait for pretty much anything. The fact of the matter is that people will just back out of a website even if it doesn’t load within more than a few seconds. Google knows this, and so loading speed is an important factor in their rankings too. So what do the fastest sites have that others’ don’t? Let’s dive in!

Web optimized images are a must.

DIY Web building platforms show you just how easy it is to upload your image and drag and drop it on screen. What they’re not telling you is how important it is to have that image optimized before you upload it. There are a lot of different types of images out there; You may be familiar with .jpgs and .pngs, but there’s a science behind optimizing these images that you might not be aware of. Aspects like compression, dimensions, color range, ad transparency all go into the formula.

Like any science, this field is always evolving, and now Google is expecting to see sites transition to using .webp files, which can save up to 30% on loading speed, but clearly isn’t a commonly accessible file format for everyday people yet, but is well-known amoungst professional web developers.

Scalable vector graphics wherever possible.

You might be wondering what a vector graphic is, but actually you probably see them every day! A vector is another type of image file, but one that’s based on code instead of pixels. You can blow it up infinitely and it will never pixelate! This method of generating images is common for logo design but is also very useful for web design. Modern browsers read this code, and so it doesn’t need to load an image at all to display the graphics! A good web developer knows when and when not to use a vector, and how to embed the code directly into the website. This improves site speed dramatically!

Minified code means minified loading speeds.

To a web developer, there’s nothing more beautiful than clean, elegant code. A lot of platforms today provide “no-code” solutions, but what this actually means is that the code is hidden away. Oftentimes this means you end up with code that is unnecessarily bulky. Hiring a professional means you can trust that the code generated by the site is clean and minified. This makes the site load faster overall.

Search Engine Optimization Is Key For Online Success.

A website needs to cater to more than just the user’s needs and experience. It also needs to impress search engines. Getting on Google’s good side is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But what does that entail? Short answer; A lot. It’s really a science, and a complicated one. It’s almost an art! Companies that make web-design look easy don’t mention anything about this. People who choose this DIY option without consulting a professional often fail to see results and never understand why. Loading speed, as mentioned above, is an important factor in SEO, but a web service professional will also tell you about the importance of structured content, and database/server optimization.

Structured content is good content.

Another thing that DIY solutions offer is an easy inline editing system for adding written content to your site. What they don’t tell you is the importance of having that content structured so users and Google can access it. We call this on-page SEO. This is more involved than you might think! It means accounting for the hierarchy of headings used, keyword research and keyword density, adding “alt attributes” for images, utilizing inbound and outbound links, and all this while writing in a way that’s easy for humans to understand as well. Those who specialize in web design services know the importance of quality content.

Don’t forget database optimization.

When you choose a hosting provider for your website, you’re essentially renting space on their server for storing all the files associated with your site. Over time, as more and more users interact with your site, the number of files stored can grow, taking up more space and making your site heavier and less accessible. Google takes notice of this, and it can affect your rankings. There’s too much involved in database optimization to mention it all in this article. Needless to say, hiring a professional can save you a lot of headaches on the database optimization department later on.

A Great Design Makes A Great First Impression.

A common fallacy about design, in general, is that a “simple” design must be “easy” to do. Usually, the exact opposite is true. A professional designer knows that all elements of design serve a purpose. A design without a function is just decoration. It’s also really easy to underestimate the value of having great aesthetic appeal on your site. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know that is exactly what people do. Having the layout and design rendered by a professional with experience in the industry adds instant credibility and trust.

Mobile Responsivity.

More and more, people are using their phones to search for products and businesses online. That trend is going to continue. It’s one thing to build a beautiful site that looks great on desktop, but if it doesn’t look great on mobile too, you’ve really missed the mark. A lot of services claim to provide automatic mobile responsivity, but the real-world result almost always leaves something to be desired. Desktops are wide, phones are tall. An image that works great on a desktop will usually need to be adjusted to perform well on a mobile device. This is something that all good web designers know, and they know how to optimize the layout and experience for mobile users over desktop users.

Unique Modern Layouts.

In most cases, modern means minimal. People today have little time to waste, and want to get straight to the point without being overwhelmed with things they don’t need to see. This becomes challenging when you have a lot of information you want to convey to your potential customers. Practiced designers know the tips and tricks for presenting dense information in a way that’s easily navigatable for users. Without this experience, you’ll likely be confused and overwhelmed by decisions concerning the placement of content and elements on your site.

Better UX and UI.

UX and UI are two important aspects of not just web design, but design in general. UX (user experience) is something often overlooked, but crucial if you want to have an engaging website that doesn’t leave your potential customers pulling their hair out. A site with good user experience is one that’s user-friendly and intuitive. There is a lot that goes into the planning and implementation of the site’s UX, including competitor analysis, customer analysis, content structure, wireframing, and prototyping. It’s usually best to hire a professional to make sure your customers aren’t going to associate the frustration of a poorly planned UX with your company as a whole.

UI (user interface) is likely what you first think of when you hear the term “design”. That is, the general look, feel, branding, and graphic development. A great UI designer also understands how their work ties into UX (and vice versa). There’s a big difference between these two types of design, but it’s often confusing to those who aren’t trained in the development of a website or any product as the fields are so closely connected.

Why Choose Exclusive Web Marketing For Your Web Design Project?

So far we’ve covered all the reasons why it’s important to choose a professional web developer or marketing company when you want to bring your business to the online world. What we haven’t covered is why you should choose Exclusive Web Marketing. We’ve spent years developing our skills in a real-world environment in all the fields mentioned above, but we also offer so much more! We make websites that are functional, customizable, tested, maintained, and suitable for any industry.

Advanced Functionality.

We understand that a lot of our customers are looking for websites where they can do more than just publish some blog posts and create some pages for the services they offer. They may need to post different kinds of information like job listings, deals or promotions, or program details. They might also need integration with social media feeds, easily editable photo galleries, booking software, scheduling services, membership accounts, or other unique functionality unique to their business goals. We have all the tools and experience necessary to design and implement almost any function you can think of!


One thing that a lot of our customers require is the option to add, edit, update, and delete content on their site without the fuss of dealing with a developer or designer. Most of these customers though don’t want to be overwhelmed with all of the considerations and aspects of design that could affect how well their website performs. We work with our clients to get an understanding of their exact expectations in terms of what it is that they want to be able to do, and will develop an interface that makes implementing changes to the site intuitive and easy, and they can rest assured that they can push any button they want without the risk of breaking something important.

Mobile and OS Testing.

So you’ve got a great website that looks great on your computer. That’s good, but how does it look on android vs. iOS? Does it look good on tablets and desktop computers? How about Mac vs. Windows? These are just the physical devices; Have you also checked it on chrome, safari, firefox… There are many different combinations of devices, operating systems, and browsers that need to be tested if you want to have a site that anyone can use. At Exclusive Web Marketing, we take it a step further and test not just the most recent versions of these things, but also all versions that have existed over the past three years!


Having a website is, in a lot of ways, like having a physical storefront. It will require regular maintenance or risk falling apart. Changes to the platform that your site is built on, new versions of plugins or extensions, and theme files need to be constantly monitored to make sure no conflict between these things has cropped up, and that’s where we come in! We won’t just build your site, we’ll also make sure it’s in working order for many years to come!

Any Industry.

Think you work in an industry where you can’t benefit from having a website? Think again! No matter what business you’re in, networking and advertising should be an important part of your business plan, and having a website should be your first step in the process of reaching out to the world. We can build a website for any industry and at any scale! We’ve got great competitor research skills, and work with you directly to achieve the look and feel you’re after, but also the functionality and user experience you need!

What does this all mean for you?

In today’s online environment, there are plenty of options out there that make getting your start online seem like a cheap and easy thing you can do yourself, but this isn’t always the best way to present yourself or your business to the world. Working with a professional in the web design industry is still the only surefire way to achieve success online without much of the headache that comes with figuring it all out yourself. When you’re ready to take the next step, bring your business to the world, and start making an actual profit from your online efforts, choose Exclusive Web Marketing. We’ve got the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time, and we can be a partner with your company for many years to come.