SEO – White Hat

Just as in everything in life, Search Engine Optimization has a set of ethics.

There are techniques that follow those ethics, called White Hat, and techniques that don’t, called Black Hat.  We want to assure you, as a customer, that any techniques we use to promote your site will be White Hat techniques.

But why does that matter to you?  What advantages does White Hat have?  If you were to look at the different types of techniques, you might even see that Black Hat techniques have more instant results.  However, these ill-gotten results are rarely good for business.  At best, you’ll get a lot of initial clicks but very little in the way of immediate customer interaction.  At worst, search engines will catch on to your artificial result farming and blacklist your site from search results.

What do white hat techniques include, then?  Really, a lot of white hat techniques are common sense ideas, like maintaining a quality level of content and backlinking to relevant sites.  Rest assured that when we optimize your search engine results, we only use white hat techniques.  We are thinking of your long-term success.  We’ll teach you how to practice white hat techniques on your own, and warn you of any black hat techniques that may be tempting to use.