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On Demand Video Capture


Remove the financial barriers to shooting
high-quality video


At Exclusive Web Marketing, we offer high-quality video production without the hassle of an on-site crew & equipment with our remote production control. We can create videos from almost anywhere! All you need is your smartphone to record, while we direct and edit remotely. Utilizing the OR software we can collaborate together and allow any needed participants to join the video shoot remotely.

We’ve Got Your video production COVERED

At Exclusive Web Marketing, we create videos that best suits your business needs. From our initial interaction, we work to understand what the message you want to get across in your video is, the tone and who your audience is. We can suggest the best video content and marketing strategy for your business and produce it for you from start to finish. We deliver videos when you need them and our standard turn around time for videos is 3-4 days from the shoot date. No contracts and you can cancel when YOU want to. Contact Exclusive Web Marketing today for a free consultation and watch your business skyrocket to the next level.

Check out some of the types of video content that we can produce for your business, below.

Social videos

Video dominates social channels. Flexible schedules and quick turn around times enable you to stay top of consistent video content.

Monthly Newsletter Video

Whether you’re looking to create a 30-second video ads or direct influencer content Exclusive Web Marketing has got you covered. With the collaborator feature in OR, Business owners can be “on site” to provide advice on video shoots and significantly impact the video quality and maintain influencer authenticity.

Client Testimonials

Humanize Your Brand. Incorporate strong client stories into your website, social strategy and email campaigns to effectively build credibility and trust. Make your connection to your audience feel spontaneous and sincere.

Company updates

Regardless if you’re looking to create a recruitment employee testimonial or culture video. Keep messaging consistent and make a bigger, positive impact with your employees.

Product/Service Marketing Videos

Wheter your focus is the introduction of teams on new projects, presentation or vision and values we can create and promote a high-quality video centered around your business.