Have You Ever Thought Of Directly Advertising

Your Product And Services To Your Local Market?

Let Us Introduce To You Local Marketing.

Your Product And Services To Your Local Market
What Is Local Marketing?

Local marketing specifically centers around a local service, physical shop, or a restaurant. Current statistics show that a majority of the people searching the internet on their mobile phones are looking for something from their own community. According to a study shared by one of the leading surveys in the United States, 50% of people go to the establishment they searched within a period of that day when they searched. More so, 60% of the people have made use of the information they found on local online advertisements on a business’s website. The factors mentioned have great relevance for businesses trying to strengthen its presence in the local market.

In the days before the internet developed, many small businesses applied some pretty standard methods to get customers to their stores. They created a mailing list – often the names for these are collected at their cash register when the customer paid. Many still do use email lists, although not all the names on the list come from their store. Some come from local searches now as well.

Mobile consumers most often search for details and information of businesses like its contact number or location on Google Maps. They also look for reviews, driving directions and other particulars. There are over 200 – 300 citation sites on the web that offers local marketing for consumers to easily find products and services around their community. One of the most popular is using Google Maps. Google enables businesses to target its global audience. It can showcase your local business to hundreds and thousands of people that are actively searching for the services or products that your business offers and can be your potential customer. When you are strategically paired up with Google Maps, Google will geo-target a keyword typed in regarding your products and services and your business will show up on the first page in the Google maps listings. This is a big deal considering that studies have shown that 96% of potential customers will not look beyond the first page when searching for the businesses they need.

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Customer Reviews Are Very Important For Your Business. Listed Below Are Just A Few Of The Several Benefits Of Online Reviews:
  • Better reviews mean you will get more clicks once you are ranked in the search engine. Imagine that you are looking for a specific kind of store, and you’re torn between three options: one has an average of five stars, while the other two have an average of three stars. Which one will you choose? Rankings are nice, but qualified traffic is even better.
  • Lots of good reviews can increase your business’s local rankings in search engines. Currently, Google displays the “top three” most relevant businesses for any given query. When a customer searches for a business in your area just the same as yours, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for whom it places in those top three spots.
  • Better reviews mean more business. Customer reviews are a subjective yet reliable credibility score that let other potential customers know whether your business is a great choice.

At Exclusive Web Marketing, we use an special software that will help your business be more relevant in search engines especially in Google by getting reviews. No, we are not buying customer reviews, instead, we aggregate them for you. Let us know how we can help your business grow and reach more potential customers!

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