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Some of the greatest tools for obtaining local customers come in the form of map applications like Yelp and Google Maps.  Many people who require a service will often pick the first result that comes up in one of these locators, so good or bad; the first ranking business will still get customers.  So how do you get that coveted first spot? We can help to strategize your online presence, find the best way to use ads to your advantage, and climb your ranks in local business maps.  We know you’re confident in the quality of your product, so once we get you to the top you can make sure that you stay there.

Here’s How We Help With Your Local Business Map Optimization:

  • Utilize a Local Phone Number! Using a phone number based in the area of your business is one way to rank higher in map search results.
  • Update and Optimize Google My Business info! This includes entering your business information, website URL, business hours, and making sure there is no duplicate information that Google will blacklist.
  • Adding Categories and Keywords! When you first set up your Google Maps listing, users are prompted to enter a category or keyword about their business. We make sure the proper categories and keywords are chosen for your business listing so it maximizes how you rank in searches.
  • Embedding Maps on your site! This helps Google see that your business is located where you listed it and keeps consistency which is important.
  • Optimize Listings! Your Google Maps or any other location listing should be search engine optimized with keywords and titles that make sense for your business and give the right information without being too lengthy.
  • Review and Local Directory Listing Management! We don’t buy reviews. Instead, we’ll help you establish your presence on review sites and make your business available on multiple review platforms so your customers can find you easier.

If you need help with local business map optimization on Google or Yelp, call Exclusive Web Marketing today!

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