Landing Pages

What is a landing page and why do I need one?

A landing page is a webpage that has a single focused call-to-action, this is either in the form of a button or a signup area.

Your customers tend to arrive after clicking on a Google or Facebook Ad or from a link on a search results page. The most important point of a landing page is that it should have no top-bar navigation links. This is meant to limit the options available to your visitors helping to guide them toward your intended call-to-action.

There are essentially two main types of landing pages. Each landing page has a different goal and they do different things. The first is Click-through Pages, which are meant to sell visitors on a product, service or offer with a value proposition. There should be images and information included so your customers can make an informed decision. Thus leading them to click a call-to-action button, which directs them to a shopping cart, payment area or a registration page.

The second type of landing page is Lead Generation Pages. This kind of page is used to collect data such as a name or an email address through a sign-up form. Usually, a lead-generation page contains a form along with a description of what your customer will get in return, also known as a “bribe,” for submitting information or “opting in.” Once they input their data, you are able to market and connect with these potential customers (or leads) at a later time

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